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26-08-2016, 07:48 AM
Hey Everyone,

My pc is getting old so I decided to get a brand new one. My budget is around $1300, max $1500 USD. (1500 USD ~ 2060 NZD)

Maybe someone more knowledgable would be kind enough to help me put a strong high end system together.

I was hoping to get one that has liquid cooling in it haha I find that awesome but I heard it's pretty expensive so not that important.

In terms of power I would like something that has a super strong video card (8GB-16GB maybe?), and tons of memory (again like 8-16GB). Storage is not important an average like 200GB HDD is fine.

Build in wifi is a plus but I have an external wifi plug.

I hope I was clear. If not liquid cooling but I would still prefer an effective (not the average) cooling system (fan) as the computer would be running a lot during the day, overheating used to be a problem.

If someone could put together a nice list on what should I get that would be amazing. I have to note that I live in Hungary so not sure if there will be extra taxes. If anything I could get everything online but not looking forward to like a 4 week shipping. Getting it in and putting it together in about a week or two would be great.

Thanks in advance!


26-08-2016, 10:27 AM
I'm not going to attempt a full list but some general guidelines for a gaming pc are:

i5 6600 or 6600K (if you want to overclock) i7 is only worth considering if you have money left after choosing everything else, it is better but generally you will not notice it. AMD are fine but I'd recommend sticking with intel for gaming for now.

Asus, gigabit, or Asrock motherboard are my preferences but choose whatever is available and read some reviews.Expensive gaming boards are only worth considering if you need overclocking or multiple graphics card support, cheaper chipsets are fine for most people and will not hamper your gaming experience. An M.2 slot is nice if you want a fast SSD but not required.

16GB DDR4 RAM, don't worry too much about RAM speed its affect on gaming is fairly minor

Good quality PSU - this is important take some time to get it right. Choose one then read some reviews. Everything depends on this component. A quality 550-650W psu should handle most single card set ups just fine and is far better than a cheapo "750" W unit. Seasonic is a great brand, some Corsair units are very good, mainly just do some research.

Case - pick one you like not terribly important. A front and rear fan is a good idea as a start.

Graphics card - go to Toms hardware website and read the best graphics card for your money article they put out each month, buy the best card you can afford. Video RAM alone is not a measure of performance although it does matter. Many very good cards have less than the 8GB you mention, a lot depends on what resolution you use.

Watercooling and aftermarket coolers add expense and are only really needed for overclocking. Personally I'd recommend sticking with a non-k cpu and stock cooling because it saves you money and will not hurt your gaming experience, leave it to the hardware enthusiasts who do it because tgey can not because they need to.

Note, editing on my tablet removed all the line breaks I put in to make this easier to read - annoying.