View Full Version : Windows10 upgrade or clean install?

19-07-2016, 08:34 AM
Everyone is saying that a clean install is the way to go. OK, fair enough and I do see the reasoning but.....! How often will there be upgrades of Win10? My concern is that each time there is an upgrade, it should be done as a new install and to me how dumb and time wasting can that be?

So every time there is an upgrade all the programs ancillary to the operating system must be reinstalled. Surely there has to be a way around this!

19-07-2016, 08:40 AM
A VERY high percentage of the problems Ive had with W10 on customers computers is when upgrading from an earlier OS, Eg: Either W7 or 8.1, when upgrading from one version of W10 to another ( this is from the insider builds) there's hardly any problems at all. Of course you have to remember that the insider builds are test builds so a person can expect problems.

19-07-2016, 08:50 AM
Thanks WT. That is a little more reassuring. However, to do a clean install, should I just backup the ancillary programs, not the OS, so that I can reinstall after a clean install?

19-07-2016, 09:52 AM
If Doing a fresh install you have to reinstall Programs, you cant simply transfer them. In doing that you need to make sure you have all product/license keys if used, any installer files relating to programs unless you can download newer ones, back up ALL your data, mail ( if not using web mail) bookmarks/favorites + anything else you may not want to lose. Backups should be done regardless.

It doesn't hurt to make a backup Image ( complete Drive, OS Data, Programs everything) before hand, just in case you forget something. Easier to do that than find out later you forgot some priceless pictures and they are now gone forever.

That's what I do with Customers Computers - make a backup image first or clone the HDD, save their data then wipe drive and reinstall fresh. You'd be surprised how many people say a few days later they forgot to ask me if I had saved all THEIR data. Once the PC goes back I tell them LOOK and see if anything is missing, they have 1 week unless I hear beforehand then the image is gone.