View Full Version : 2 EXT HDD failures - coincidence?

01-07-2016, 04:49 PM
I have 2 1TB Seagate HDDs that I keep my backups on. I have just tried them both on my Desktop and laptop and neither want to behave. A green light flashes on them but nothing appears on the screens. Same when staring from a cold boot. Either they both have become stuffed at the same time or there maybe a cable problem. Any other thoughts?

01-07-2016, 05:56 PM
Further, they are not recognised by the BIOS and I have uninstalled ESD disk and USB Disk. Neither worked! ESD Disk has revitalised with a flash drive but not the Ext HDD.

Speedy Gonzales
01-07-2016, 06:27 PM
Is the firmware up to date on them?? Did they appear in the BIOS before if they were connected externally?

If both are connected to a USB port did you install any Acronis programs?

Because backup programs can also cause ports to stop working. They add their driver to the upper/lower filter entries in the registry. Result dead port. It doesnt matter what you plug into it

If the hdds dont work in the ports, do any USB devices work?

01-07-2016, 06:40 PM
Yes I do use Acronis but only the CD to Backup to the Ext HDDs. Everything has worked OK and a Flash drive in the various USB ports still work.

Speedy Gonzales
01-07-2016, 06:56 PM
I would see if they work in a sata port then. And get detected in the BIOS

01-07-2016, 09:28 PM
Only problem is that the two HDDs don't work on either the Desktop nor a Laptop. Will try them on another Desktop during the weekend but it seems as though both Ext HDDs might be shot!

01-07-2016, 10:21 PM
Keep them in a warm room for 24 hours before powering up.

01-07-2016, 10:25 PM
Often if the External HDD's are in an enclosure connecting Via USB, the drives them selves are fine. Sometimes its the circuit board inside the enclosure that goes tits up.

01-07-2016, 10:27 PM
Would you expect both to have a circuit board failure at the same time? Should I pull one apart and try using it as an internal HDD?

01-07-2016, 10:34 PM
If something had gone wrong with a USB port , or the power Source (3.5" drives) then anything plugged into the problem device can cause a failure to the HDD that's being plugged in.

Think of it as a power socket in your house suddenly putting out 500 Volts ( just a number pulled out of nowhere) and any electrical item would blow instantly if plugged in.

Some external Hard Drives simply when taken apart the HDD can be simply pulled out and its a std sata drive which can be plugged into any sata cable & power plug, others have the circuit board attached to the Internal HDD and cant be removed.

01-07-2016, 11:14 PM
I have a Welland docking station. I pulled a drive apart and tried the docking but with no avail. I suspect that I may have plugged in a Power source to my laptop and blown the HDDs as suggested by WT.

01-07-2016, 11:35 PM
Can you feel any vibration ie the platters spinning?

02-07-2016, 09:02 AM
No I am sorry to say, They are dead. I see Warehouse Stationary have WD 1.5T Externals with USB 3 for $99 so will get one today.

Speedy Gonzales
02-07-2016, 09:25 AM
Have a read of this (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/263154-32-hard-drives-external-element-detecting). Looks like it's a common prob with this hdd and the 2 TB

What if you connect one at a time?

06-07-2016, 02:37 PM
See my post #13. I have dismantled the Seagate box, removed the damaged TB HDD and replaced it with another Seagate 320G. It works perfectly so the circuit board that the drive fits into did not suffer damage from the voltage over-load, only the drive itself. Only problem is the outside box is a little loose now as the internal clips have been broken getting it apart.

06-07-2016, 04:10 PM
Still could have been a power related problem somewhere - the chance of two drives failing exactly the same at the same time would either be from a same source or same types of fault on both drives, triggered by something.

I personally had 3 Hard Drives all fail exactly the same within a week of one another, they were WD blacks -- found out they all had the same fault in them that caused the problem.

07-07-2016, 07:55 PM
Yeah, even the power supply you are using to power the external drives... are you using the original power pack that came with them? My ex had issues like this when she muddled the power packs to 2 different external drives. Swap the power supplies around, and all good again.

I actually use the plastic tab off bread bags to 'label' each of my power packs "2TB SGate" "4TB WD" etc. The plastic tab snaps over the power cable. Just write on it with a felt tip.