View Full Version : Fatel Exception message

07-05-1999, 11:15 AM
As I was shutting down Win. 95< I got the message 'A fatal exception OD has occurred at 246:012F47F3. The current application will be terminated.
*Press any key to terminate the current application.
*Pres CTRL+ALT+DEL again to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications
Press any key to continue.'
I did as instructed, nothing happened. Then because I did not know what else to do, I repeated it again and it restarted the computer, everything seems to be going okay. I then turned it off and have restarted it this morning. So far things OK.
But what does this message mean? Do I have to do anything? (In step by step instructions please, as I am still learning)