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06-06-2016, 01:53 PM
Out of curiosity, does anyone know when either AMD's or Intel's integrated graphics chips will likely be capable of 60fps/1080P Ultra settings?

Will AMD's Raven Ridge be even close?

The reason I ask is because I am thinking of building a gaming PC using a HTPC sized case.

I would prefer to not purchase a graphics card if I didn't have to, so as to keep heat and noise to a minimum etc.

Some of the cases I am considering are as follows:

Fractal Design Node 202
Silverstone ML or GD series
Lian Li PC-Q19 / PC-05
Streacom FC9
HD Plex H5
Logic Supply MC600

Hardware wise, I am looking at the following:
Intel I3-6100
Samsung EVO 850 SSD
AMD RX480 (possibly, but would prefer not to)

The ultimate goal is to play Mass Effect: Andromeda next year maxed out. ;)

Any advice of info would be greatly appreciated! :)

06-06-2016, 03:25 PM
No Nobody knows that, crystal balls don't work. But to take a guess no Time soon, that's GTX 970 territory. Eventually graphics cards may become a thing of the past, but I'm sure that's years away. No APU from either company can max current demanding games at 1080P, not even close. The gap between something like a GTX970 and Iris pro graphics is huge and that's about as good as APU's get so far. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-970-vs-Intel-Iris-Pro-HD-6200-Desktop/2577vsm30277

Also for whatever reason intel don't put their best graphics chips in many CPU's and AMD's CPU cores are a bit weak for gaming currently so neither is a great choice. If you want to game in a small form factor you could look into the itx versions of graphics cards and a case that'll fit them. There are several powerful cards available in small form factors

07-06-2016, 01:26 PM
Thank you very much for your help dugimodo, and for the great link as well to put it all into perspective!

Now onto looking for a good ITX video card! ;)

07-06-2016, 02:24 PM
Options are a little limited due to the impending release of the GTX 1070 which if someone makes it in a small form factor version will be the best option for a while. But you may be waiting several months for that to happen - first release of the 1070 is due in the next week or so and will likely just be the reference design "founders" version.

Meanwhile if you can find them in descending order of performance all these cards have existed in a short card form for itx boxes:
R9 Nano
GTX 970
GTX 960

There are others but to max out at 1080P even a 960 is not quite there. If you aren't in a hurry wait and see what happens with the 1070

07-06-2016, 03:38 PM
Thanks SO much for providing me such a great list!

And as you suggest, I will probably hold out for the 1070, and I will also wait and see what AMD has up their sleeves.

I am not in a rush since Mass Affect: Andromeda is unfortunately still a good ways off. ;)

Thanks again, dugimodo!

13-06-2016, 02:51 AM
Some promising things are mentioned in the conclusion of this article:


13-06-2016, 02:54 AM
This is an interesting video that is worth taking a look at:


13-06-2016, 12:05 PM
The A10 7850K is no slouch, but you'll never go over "medium" detail levels on most games with no antialiasing, and even that a lot of higher-end games you'll really really struggle with.

If you want to play anything more than just Farmville: Get a dedicated GPU

17-06-2016, 12:51 PM
Thanks for the tip and info Chilling_Silence!

Here is an interesting article and quote:


"Thus it’s absolutely clear and no longer secret by any measure that we’re bound to see AMD come out with APUs that feature integrated High Bandwidth Memory in addition to other integrated components via die stacking.
It’s simply the natural progression that has slowly been taking place over the past several years, culminated in the first ever such product “Fiji” last year."

An APU with HBM outta move things along nicely! ;)

25-06-2016, 04:02 PM
Here are a few more interesting links and quotes:


"With at least, 1GB HBM buffer, the APU will be very well fed, allowing for the iGPU to grow to at least R7 370 performance levels before running out of steam. AMD is also probably working on HMC to supplant HBM in the future as well. If AMD manages to pull this off, Raven Ridge will be the most potent APUs yet, securing the crown against Intel."


"Raven Ridge will be the first generation of APUs that will utilize the new HBM2 standard, which in theory, would mean that Raven Ridge would have the fastest discrete-class graphics featured on a SoC. Just like Summit Ridge, AMD’s upcoming APU will also be supported by the company’s new AM4 socket."

27-06-2016, 04:31 AM
Thanks, but I'm well aware of it, hence my own advice earlier :-/