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02-01-2002, 07:33 AM
I need to refromat the entire windows 98 in my system because there are some errors that I can't correct, and it is affecting my programs

02-01-2002, 10:48 AM
Good morning, Michael.
Dont take this tomb for gospel, wait untill a couple of people have said it is ok before starting on this trek. maybe in my misguided direction I have forgotten something simple yet important that they will pick up and fix. read the whole thing first. (print this and any ammendments, you can't see this if your computer is broken. and you think 'now how did he say to do that again???')

Move your data out of your windows directory.

Can you start the computer?
If so create a boot disk.
you need a blank floppy disk, and your w98 CD.
Do you need to reformat your whole computer, or just do a reinstall?

rc= one click with right mouse button.
lc = one click with left mouse button.
dc = double left click.

If you have a system disk from the manufacturer (ie Compaq, IBM, HP,) follow their instructions if not try and follow mine.



(normally a reinstall does not remove the data but you never know!)

I will start from a reinstall.
To create a boot disk.
lc start lc settings lc control panel. dc add/remove programs lc startup disk lc create disk.
Follow prompts.

*A note on drivers disks, many manufactures put a lot of drivers for many devices on their disks so unless you have all the drivers in a nice secure spot and you know all of them this is the most vital point of the operation.*

Close add/remove and in the control panel go to the system icon and dc system then lc device manager. take note of all the devices make sure you have all of the drivers disks of the components in the computer.
other wise if they are not on the hardware compatibility list of Microsoft and you don't have the drivers then you wont have the device working properly. (www.driversguide.com) to find the lost / requied drivers. close that. now if you have any printers lc start lc settings lc printers rc your printer lc properties lc details take note of 'print using the following driver.' section.
now for the fun part :-(
Now you need to shut down wait 10 seconds then start your computer. if you do it this way there is more time to read the screen to see what button to push to enter SYSTEM SETUP, or BIOS depending on your system. But getting into your BIOS should be a matter of pushing a key at the initial start up.
typically 'DEL', 'F1' 'F10' or whatever.
typically there might be a standard, and advanced features setup. have a browse through your BIOS and look for something called Boot sequence or similar c: cdrom: a:. Normally you navigate around the screen with the arrow keys on the keyboard, somewhere on the screen it will tell you how to change the values. they will cycle through a big list
sometimes there can be multiple boot options.

Any way you need to set it in this order for this to work.
A: first C: second and any thing else for third and subsequent options.
save and exit without changing any thing else!!!!!
insert your boot disk you created at the beginning and you should get a menu boot with CD options without CD and help. start with CD option. at the end of the loading sequence it tells you that the CD was loaded as 'x:'
(where x is any letter of the alphabet) take note of which letter it loaded as.
after a couple of minutes you get a c:\ (dos prompt) I am assuming you have windows installed in the standard directory, so type 'cd windows' <enter>you should now be in C:\Windows\ type 'cd command' <enter>
type 'copy deltree' c:\' <enter> type 'cd\'
type 'deltree windows' <enter>it asks you do you want to ... type 'y' then <enter>
now change to your cd drive ie if it said cd was loaded as e: then type 'e:'
type 'cd win98' then 'setup'
follow the on screen prompts and for the first time accept the defaults. (if you want to learn a little then select custom installation, and select the things that you want to do) under a typical installation the games are not installed.
after about 45 - 60 minutes you have a computer that should start.

this is where it gets really tricky as there are a number of different ways to install drvers I wont go into that here. but you should have a readme file on all the drivers installtion disks. (have a look at them before you start this)
reinstall all your applications. (if you are luck your data is still where you left it unless you stored it under a windows directory)

do everything as up to and including putting the boot disk in and selecting boot with CD options and taking note of the cd letter. so at C:\ type 'format c: /s' <enter> THIS WIPES EVERYTHING ON C: then go to CD example type 'E:' then type 'cd win98' <enter>
'setup' <enter>
and folow instuctions above.

Good Luck.

(with a last name of YIN I won't wish you a happy new year untill the middle of FEB.)

Bye for now.

02-01-2002, 12:51 PM
Hi Michael

Here are a couple of links that have info about reinstalling Win98:



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Forgot one: