View Full Version : Detecting hardware during startup

07-05-1999, 10:04 AM
I am using NT4 Workstation. After installation I tried to install a new s3 screen drivers for my monitor. Initially I tried to install 2 drivers but as it turns out they were incorrect. I downloaded the correct drivers from s3.com, and now I have the correct resolution etc for my monitor.

The problem is, each time I boot up, NT says it has detected new hardware (this hardware is the unsuccessful installations tried earlier), and that the drivers are available on my hard disk, do I want to use them. Clicking yes gets rid off the messages and boot up completes successfully. Clicking No, gives me a browse dialog to find alternative files.

Regardless of whether I select yes or no, I continue to be prompted in this way each time during bootup.

How can I stop NT detecting this non-existant hardware?