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28-05-2016, 08:39 PM
I have spent all day trying to Upgrade to Windows 10, only to fail at the final post. I am getting an error 80070652 - Windows 10 couldn't be installed.

So - now what do I do?

I had planned to do a clean install, but after discussion with the older son last night - he thought I should to an Upgrade to begin with, then the clean install? What do you guys & gals think?

I see I have now asked 2 questions... One sort of leads on from the other. I really want to get this install done, and didn't expect this sort of nonsense!

As always - TIA of your help. :)

Speedy Gonzales
28-05-2016, 08:44 PM
Looks like that means it wasnt installed successfully but it's still running (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/scenarios/2014/10/22/error-0x80070652-when-installing-windows-update/)

28-05-2016, 08:53 PM
At what point is the OS now, or more to the point what OS is now running ?

Often that's caused if using the auto download version.

IF A OS is running, Download a ISO of W10, with the OS running, put in the DVD or USB drive ( which ever you have created) , double click setup.exe and let it run through -- Make sure you have a minimum of 30GB of spare HDD space ( very important) and uninstall any AV.

In reality, if the upgrade has failed you will be better off doing a clean install as the upgrade WILL give problems even if you do manage to get it in.


OR as posted http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?142251-Windows-ISO-Downloader

28-05-2016, 09:04 PM
I'm still in Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

The last thing I used (after stuffing around since 1130am) was a 'Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant' and got to 99% of getting Windows 10 installed.

I do find that I only have 21GB of free space. I think you are telling me that that is my problem... And need to go straight to the Clean Install.

28-05-2016, 09:05 PM
Some places say you need 20GB of spare space, but the general advise especially with newer builds, 30 is better.

A clean install is always better. From experience all the problems I've had to fix the majority have been from upgrades. Sometimes if it doesn't go in easy there are all sorts of problems.

Make sure all data is backed up as a clean install wipes everything. As long as the W7 key is from SP1 then it should be accepted by W10.

28-05-2016, 09:12 PM
I've been stuffing around all week getting ready for a Clean Install - so have everything pretty well ready and sorted to go. I just need to check my Windows 7 key. Just remind where I find that again please?

28-05-2016, 09:16 PM
Got it!

But I think I might give up for tonight, and try again tomorrow.

29-05-2016, 10:21 AM
Well, bless my soul! When I got up this morning - there it was (Windows10, that is) - ready to go. After a bit of fiddling with screen resolution and small bits and pieces like that - I have a successful upgrade!

So - the lesson from that is - when things aren't going well, have a whisky and go to bed! :)

Thanks for the hand holding. Now to move on to the Clean Install - later!

29-05-2016, 12:16 PM
Very Good -- May have done a self fix, sometimes it does do that, sometimes its OK, other times its Not. Like a Persons PC I have here now, fixed the OS ( lots of corruptions) and its errrrrrrrrr okish, but still not happy with it, so complete reinstall .

Just a suggestion, see if its stable enough over a couple of weeks, if it is, then wait to do a complete fresh install when the new version comes out in July. That's what I'm doing on the PC I'm putting together in the next week or so for myself, install now to take advantage of the free upgrade to activate the motherboard, then wipe its drive and install fresh.

29-05-2016, 12:21 PM
I think leaving it for the moment sounds a very good idea! I've had enough for the moment. During the night I woke up at times and worried about all the things I didn't have for a fresh install...

29-05-2016, 12:34 PM
Just a suggestion: I've posted this before -- But have a read of fast-startup-turn-off-windows-10-a.html (http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4189-fast-startup-turn-off-windows-10-a.html) Its the cause of a VERY HIGH percentage of the problem when a W10 boots to a blank screen and wont go any further. Turn off fast Start.

29-05-2016, 12:38 PM
Thanks - will do!

Speedy Gonzales
29-05-2016, 01:32 PM
Thats good to know if you disable hibernation which I've done (since some sites, say it doesnt help an SSD) it disables fast start