View Full Version : Bad pool caller then the computer refused to boot / post / no signal

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2016, 11:37 AM
After installing the latest flash update here on the other PC, I rebooted. It came up with a bad pool caller prob. Turned it off tried again, no go

It was an upgrade / reinstall from 8.1. So it's using a digital entitlement. It's in this at the mo. I'm using it to boot with (to see if it'd still boot, it did).

So,it seems to be OK.

Obviously, it says its not activated (the one it was in was a 775 system this is 1150)

If I cant get the other PC to boot / post again, can I somehow use the key on something else? Maybe ring the MS no? Obviously, I would have to reinstall 8.1 then 10 if I can?

I've pulled the plug and removed the battery on the other PC to see if that does something. I'll try again in a sec

14-05-2016, 11:57 AM
Somethings to try--- On the PC that wont boot throw in a another drive, see if you can install the OS into it ( doesn't matter what) if it boots OK then the hardware is OK .

What you can also do is try to boot the OS, just as it starts press and hold down the power button, repeat two more times, after the third it should pop up with auto repair, which usually fails, ( this is good) then when it goes into the recovery option, find system restore and wind the system back to before the install of Flash.

About reinstalling ------ you wont need to install 8.1 and upgrade to 10, you can use a 8.1 key to install W10. PM also coming about something else. ;)

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2016, 12:52 PM
Got it going again bloody thing. After removing the power and battery, I removed all the ram. To see if it would detect no ram. It did so that was a good sign, put the ram back in (4 2 GB sticks). And it beeped/posted again !

Connected the hdd again got so far the bloody thing crashed with asio.sys (ASUS suite file).

This must have been after I connected the hdd to this.

The 775 system doesnt have ASUS suite on it. It picked up this file on this PC.

Disconnected the hdd from the 775 system again connected it to this find asio.sys in the syswow64 folder, deleted it.

Disconnected / reconnected it. Said it didnt fully load windows

Rebooted. Got into windows !

SR wouldnt have worked it's disabled.

Decided to copy the Win10 iso to this one in case, something goes wrong again. Since the original iso is on the 775 system