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21-04-2016, 02:19 PM
OK - I know I shouldda dumped XP - and not opening that can of worms again, I'll say that it brought tears of happiness when I could get my favorite sound cards working again.

On to bigger and tougher problems---> Going on line with XP-Pro.

1. I could NOT get it to sign on to the internet. "Credentials" were mucked up, or sumpthing like that.
2. Run repair disc - no good.
3. Downloaded, in Linux Puppy, new drivers for all the hardware. No Good.
4. Had several 'expert buddies" try to fix it. No good either... but multiple times ("Here - hold my beer and let ME try" stuff) .
5. Gave up - just enjoyed my pre-recorded stuff, YouTube downloads, CDs and MP3s, Mp4s etc. Slightly upset, but liveable.
6. I've got Puppy for all the inter-web stuff anyway. So there!

In the meantime - somehow, by someone who shall remain nameless - got my router unplugged ("But I needed that plug for my new vacuum cleaner. You didn't want me to use the old plug, did you? It has the old vacuum cleaner's electricity in it and I don't want it in the new vacuum cleaner" - see what I've gotta contend with at home? The old vacuum cleaner, btw, commit suicide - er, vacuumacide, just to get out of the house.)

Well - in the long run - that unplugging was a good thing, although I'm not gonna tell the woman that all our electricity has exceeded it's "Use-By" date anyway and it don't matter since all the electrical appliances have filters for the day-old lumps in the electricity. Sheeee-eesh! Wimmen!

Here's what happened:

I was resetting the router for a new password, and this time I left out the silly things that are not letters and numbers. You know ... those $ #@%^&*()_+~<>? thingies. Follow me here? If not - read my ROKU post.

I let the router generate a new SSID and when I went back to XP-Pro, it asked me (iT did!) for the new SSID.



I don't know what sortta lesson this could be - but to me it's a miracle. Perhaps now a REAL IT-person-type - one without a Heineken in each hand would wander by and see this.

There should be a big FIXED box here. :devil

21-04-2016, 04:09 PM
4. Had several 'expert buddies" try to fix it.

Wish I had some money for everytime I've heard that --OH WAIT-- I do :p

Re the Router being unplugged and fixing things -- Thats basic trouble shooting 101. if the Internets not going, yet all the lights are on and no ones home, unplug it, threaten to throw it out the window, plug it back in and sometimes it goes. It basically resets, as sometimes signals take a wrong turn and get lost in the process, turning it off and on again gets them going in the right direction.

Bit like a job I went to today, It was suggested the power Supply had blown up as that's what they were told, since the computer was dead, I advised on the phone i'll actually find the problem first then advise a fix. problem -- Power lead was half out, plugged it back in and magic :eek: it went again.

21-04-2016, 05:13 PM
Untrained electricity in Upsidedown Land - huh?

Ours will jump a 2 inch gap to make the connection.

21-04-2016, 06:10 PM
Nahhhhhhhhhhh our electricity in Upsidedown Land is just fine thankyou. :)

The problem is when there are a few self proclaimed "experts" together trouble usually follows really quick, as they don't really have a clue how things work.

I would bet that if you asked them exactly how a router actually works and explain it, they wont know.

Theres a old video called Warriors of the Net. It shows in animated style how the internet actually works ( or doesn't sometimes) while its old, the basics are still the same. Most people who do courses relating to how the internals work watch the video, its still used today. Basic's 101 ;)

The old instructions about unplugging something and restarting it isn't just for the hell of it, it does serve a purpose. If Routers get things in a twist they can stop all traffic, which by the sounds of the original post is exactly what happened :p

21-04-2016, 06:26 PM
Kinda like "connectus interruptus" huh?

Next time I'm in the neighborhood, I'll take you to whatever bar you prefer.

21-04-2016, 07:38 PM
Joe I think the real reason is your leftside up electrickery only runs at half speed (110V) compared to the rest of the worlds full speed (240V)

22-04-2016, 03:38 AM
Not so. The speed of light is the same at .005v as it is at 1 jigawatt. My flux-capacitor is just as good as yours.

(Mixing S.O.L and voltages is fair only if I get to mix Watts and Volts.)


22-04-2016, 10:12 AM
Warriors of the Net.

Took me back to CPIT, when I did the first 3 Cisco modules.

Good times.