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14-03-2016, 05:18 PM
On the XP-side of this dual boot with Puppy, I can't seem to get XP on line. It sees my router OK, and it keeps on telling me that I have some sort of bad credentials for it to log onto the internet.

Puppy runs just fine - but XP is muffed up.

14-03-2016, 07:07 PM
Hi Joe. Have you tried to reboot the router? Make sure that your PC is running with XP when you do it.

14-03-2016, 07:30 PM
Yeah - the router has been rebooted at least a dozen times in the past day or so - reasons why included the fact that my wife needed the extension cord a couple of times for her vacuum cleaner.

I did a new reboot just a few minutes ago when I got your message, so I can honestly say that the last reboot is still fresh.

Still XP has a problem with bad credentials. I don't think I've ever seen that error message before I dual-booted with Puppy.

I'll go do it one more time though - persistence and perspiration - or something like that.

14-03-2016, 09:23 PM
Sounds like the XP machine has been setup to dial/connect to the ISP itself. Delete such connection and connect to the interface of the router, network, usb, wifi, etc.

If network, configure network card, usually setting it to automatic (dhcp) is sufficient unless your computer requires a static network address.



15-03-2016, 03:14 AM
The XP machine sees the Realtek wireless Alpha Unit - the same connex the Pup uses - which works. I run the wireless home setup wiz and it goes all the way thru and says at the end that it failed b/o certificates problems.

I can see my router in another gui and I click on CONNECT and the thing tries but cannot solve the problem.

I even tried the non-usb manual version, and after I get the address in it goes all thru the process only to fail again and again. :

15-03-2016, 10:00 AM
Xp possibly needs SP2 (at least) for WPA2 wifi
Install XP Service Pack2 , (then Sp3 if still no luck)

in control panel, internet : reset
are you using the Win wireless wizard, or some other 3rd party add on that a driver install loaded in ?
You may need newer wifi device driver

try setting the wifi (as a test only) to WPA(not wpa2) or WEP in the router & see if that helps

15-03-2016, 11:05 AM
OK - I have XP-Pro SP3, slipstreamed, which I have used many times before - years ago even w/o any trouble.

I've not seen a 'reset' in the control panel. I'll go look in a bit.

Using Win Wireless Wizard.

I've tried OPEN, WPA, WEP/WPA2 and they still don't seem to work.

15-03-2016, 11:58 AM
getting there, eliminating known causes of issues

"and it keeps on telling me that I have some sort of bad credentials for it to log onto the internet. "
Whats the exact error, when does that error pop up ? when you try to connect with the wifi wizard, when you try & use a browser , etc ?

Is XP activated ?
are the time & date correct on the PC ?
(just eliminating the easy/obvious 1st)

are you using an older version of firefox ? try using IE

15-03-2016, 12:33 PM
XP is activated. I'll get the whole error message next reboot, this evening around 2-3 hours from now. I never tried IE, 'cause it'll be from the install disc and the version is probably 2 or 3.

Remember that this machine in XP mode has never seen the internet; only the Puppy side has.

18-03-2016, 04:54 PM
Sorry - I had a friend in the emergency room at a hospital in Missoula and couldn't get back as soon as I wanted.

OK - error message is as follows:

Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network Xxxxxxxx

18-03-2016, 05:11 PM
Have a look at the link Joe, it may help.


18-03-2016, 05:45 PM
Got it - sounds incredibly simple - so it has to work.

I'm gonna switch over to Windows in the AM ------I am so tired from physical therapy today that I can hardly sit here at the desktop.

I feel so sto-o-po-id for not Googling the question for a cure.

Thanks for doing that for me.

19-03-2016, 11:24 AM
That made a difference, all good. But I can't get to the internet. All I see is 2 (bits?) down and a couple of thousand up.

Is XP somehow blackballed?

I'll do a reboot when I get home from physical therapy.