View Full Version : How can I refresh daughter's W10 laptop?

10-02-2016, 10:03 AM
email from her:

"Laptop not going so well, very slow on startup, battery ran totally dead even though i out it into sleep mode - used to hibernate my old one all the time and it would hold charge in hibernation mode so there mudt be something running in the background? Maybe the mcafee antivirus? Anyway i think its not right, ive written this whole message in my ipad waiting for it to open up chrome or anu application."

The laptop is HP PAV x360 Convert 11-k133TU bought from DSE last month. Last one in store, shop model. It took 6 hrs to reset! It has 4GB ram but only a Celeron. USB2 and USB3 ports I think

If it were a desktop I would re-install Windows but I have no experience with laptops. I'm a bit wary of MBs designed for specific peripherals eg HP's touch screen.

Is it a matter of searching the internet for drivers as per desktop? I would also need to find the W10 licence code

Or is there something else I could do? We will be seeing her in 2 weeks

Speedy Gonzales
10-02-2016, 10:15 AM
Get rid of Mcafee it's crap. Could be something in startup as well. Altho Cellys aren't the fastest things on the planet

Altho if it's HP, it's probably got bloatware like Toshiba and Acer etc. That'll slow things down

If I brought a branded system I would format it. To get rid of the junk that I dont need

10-02-2016, 10:25 AM
A quick guide to Win 10 refresh


Hibernation and sleep are not the same, hibernating stores the current session on the HDD
sleep stores it in RAM, this means that sleep will use some power to maintain, whereas hibernation does not.

10-02-2016, 12:01 PM
Reading your link Karamea it sounds like all Reset options preserve the apps that came with the computer originally ie the bloatware.

Question: If I choose the "remove everything" option, does that re-format C:?

Because I think that's what I want to do. The shop gave it a reset but they might have chosen an option that didn't format

(points taken about hibernation and McAfee - thanks)

Speedy Gonzales
10-02-2016, 12:08 PM
Once you uninstall Mcafee use their removal tool to remove the rest of it (https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/articleview;jsessionid=JrfISmo3-IMIiKc4rZNmjLkwfeq3kOX-ZmZeRYkWv-rjEMJBTIPI!-2122670372!444130783?articleId=TS101331&_afrLoop=4144283346230585#!%40%40%3F_afrLoop%3D414 4283346230585%26articleId%3DTS101331%26centerWidth %3D100%2525%26leftWidth%3D0%2525%26rightWidth%3D0% 2525%26showFooter%3Dfalse%26showHeader%3Dfalse%26_ adf.ctrl-state%3Dgoflxjhr8_4)

I could check it out with teamviewer if you want.

I reinstalled Win10 on a touch screen. Had no probs with it working after a clean install. I didnt even know it was a touchscreen

And get the rest of the drivers from the site (if you did a clean install). Only thing is you may or would need a dvd.. Since reinstalling whats on it now will put the junk back on it

10-02-2016, 12:16 PM
The first option will save your personal files (pic's,documents etc) but you have to reinstall Antivirus and any other software you have downloaded
The second option gets rid of any files you have saved as it is a clean start


Do anything else as to wipe any HP stuff you will forfeit warranty

10-02-2016, 12:34 PM
Running the refresh, even removing all data will still put back all the HP junk. The refresh, will simply run from the factory .wim file ( or what ever they are using) which will contain everything just like when it was first brought.

Do anything else as to wipe any HP stuff you will forfeit warranty Where did you read that from ?

It would void the Software Warranty, which is strange as software is not covered under ANY warranty, but not the hardware warranty

I've done it plenty of times, and on several occasions called HP saying that the drive was completely wiped clean, installed Windows as straight install (Nothing HP apart from their drivers on their site) and the problem still persists, they simply say OK, send it in as a warranty fix. Case # xxxxxxxxxxxx

From HP's Site (http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Will-This-Void-My-Warranty/td-p/2937261) - exact question relating to W7

10-02-2016, 01:36 PM
Maybe a option

Remember putting a clean Windows 7 build on my HP desktop and finding out later when updating to Windows 8.0 and having to do a bios update had to load some HP stuff that was needed for the Bios update as being HP had a Board that was made for this make and model

There is 2 options to try before going this way

06-03-2016, 09:29 PM
An update now that daughter is here. I removed McAfee and disabled a few startup apps and it solved the problem :) I think it was McAfee. I can't imagine the startups - the main ones being OneDrive and PowerMediaPlayer - were the cause.

As for the battery problem, she had the machine set to 'performance' because it was so slow.

So :thanks (Speedy in particular)

The pre-installed apps from Cyberlink look quite good but are BIG. PowerDirector12 (video editing) is about 1 GB. PhotoDirector. YouCam, PowerMediaPlayer are about 0.5 GB each