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28-12-2015, 03:14 PM
Hi all,

I am having a frustrating time trying to install W10 on an HP 4530s. Current OS is Win 7 Pro. Seems to download W10 but stalls during installation. I get a series of messages, as follows:

"Some apps need to be uninstalled" It identifies HP Protect Tools Security Manager as the offending app.
"Uninstall and continue"
"Please wait while Windows configures HP Protect Tools Security Manager"
"Error 1325 Hewlett-Packard is not a valid short file name"

Anyone know how to solve this problem? I am assuming that the offending app is protected in some way that is preventing its removal.

By the way, I have a second HP laptop to upgrade - oh joy!

Thanks for any advice.


28-12-2015, 04:12 PM
Found on another forum:

Step 1

Click Start, then "All Programs." Select "HP Protect Tools Security Manager" from the list of programs.
Step 2

Click "Settings." Click the box to the left of the menu. The green check in the box should disappear, which means that the application is disabled.
Step 3

Close the window and restart the computer.

Just a warning -- Make sure you have backed up ALL your data, etc BEFORE trying to upgrade to W10, HP's have a nasty habit of failing during the upgrade /setup process, and often get stuck part way through, requiring a complete wiping of the drive and installing W10 from fresh.

Speedy Gonzales
28-12-2015, 04:22 PM
Glad I dont have an HP system. Looks like you have to uninstall more than 1 program to get this program uninstalled. Some people say you have to update that program (which changed its name) before you can install Win10

I would get the ISO off the MS site with the mediacreation tool, and do a clean install. It'd probably be easier than trying to figure out how to remove / HP Protect Tools Security Manager !

Get the download link in the 3rd post (http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/Removal-Uninstall-HP-ProtectTools-Security-Manager/td-p/4561374/page/6)then try and upgrade/update to Win10

28-12-2015, 04:31 PM

Thanks to you both! Looks like I may be in for some fun. Fortunately neither laptop have vital info on them and I am not in a hurry to upgrade. I have a neighbour who is an IT Tech and he has fixed a number of machines with similar/same problem. I may just wait until he comes back from holidays (he has offered to help). I take the hint about backing up before doing anything further.

Thanks again.