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30-12-2001, 12:25 AM
ASUS has announced their dual AMD motherboard, the A7M266-D. This new board uses the new 760MPX chipset. Here's a clip from the release:

'Harness the performance of AMD Athlon? MP and Duron? MP processors with the A7M266-D. This dual-CPU ATX motherboard uses a standard power supply and supports up to 4GB of registered DDR memory or 2GB of non-registered DDR memory to provide a scalable, high-performance platform for high-end desktops, workstations and entry-level servers. Additional features such as two high-speed 64-bit PCI slots, 6-channel onboard audio and extreme overclocking, make the A7M266-D an ideal platform with balanced value and performance for all your computing needs.'

Creative has released new drivers for PCI128 (Model CT475x) for Windows NT4, Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Grab the drivers here http://asia.creative.com/support/drivers/newfiles.asp

XP Antispy 3.3 has been released for download. This is one of the must have programs for XP users. The new features are:

Added functionality to disable the start of MS Messenger every time Outlook Express starts.
Added functionality to disable the showup of the BalloonTips.
Added functionality to clear out the pagefile every time windows is shutdown
The MS Messenger autostart setting now can be reset to it's initial setting, if the MS Messenger is still installed.
The MS Supportuser now is deleted automatically.
The Services are now stopped automatically, though a restart of the system isn't neccessary anymore. To each entry, there is now a little help text displayed in the below window, if the mouse is moved onto the setting.
Grab it here http://www.xp-antispy.de/XPAntiSpy3-English.zip

CDRWIN 4.0A Beta is out.http://www.goldenhawk.com/download_body.htm

SiS have released AGP Driver 1.08d including drivers for USB and IDE. The APG driver is digitally signed by Microsoft, but the IDE driver you have to install manually and is not signed. You can download driver http://www.sis.com/support/driver/utility.htm

Paul Thurrott's Windows Supersite has posted part 6 of his Windows XP Installation and Upgrade guide. The guide is long and covers all that you would ever need including evaluating the Pre-installation checklist, booting the CD, Insert qualifying media if you are required to, selecting the partition to install, Network setup, the WPA, setting up users, to the final new Windows XP logon screen. The guide also includes screen shots and commentary on the clean install. Here are but a couple of the tips he gives:

Immediately run Windows Update to bring sure your system is up-to-date.
Test your hardware devices
Set up your users
Customize the system further [Display, Performance and Control Panel]
Defrag your system drive
Install and run your software
and ... finally Set up Automatic Updates
Check out the guide here http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_sg_clean.asp

was any of that helpfull??

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But seeings you went to all the trouble