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04-05-1999, 06:50 PM
I need some help with installing USB ports into my computer.After a couple of months waiting I finally managed to purchase a pair of USB ports with the right connector to plug onto the pins on my motherboard (TMC A15TT v1.2)and after installing the ports started having some very strange problems with the computer.
My USB joystick and hand controller (Microsoft) were recognised and the win98 drivers for these devices loaded (after prodding the system with the USB Viewer in the Win98 Resource Kit) and both devices worked correctly.
However when the computer had been running for 15 minutes or so (Whether I was using it or not) the computer would hang so badly that I would have to turn off the power to restart it.About 50% of the time while restarting the system would hang and tell me that I had no disk drives in the computer(I have 2 C+D). A couple of restarts would fix this problem but the system just continued to hang at random intervals.
When I looked in MSINFO I discovered that IRQ 11 was assigned to the following 3 devices.
1 IRQ holder for PCI Steering
2 3Com XL 10/100 Fast ethernet NIC
3 Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to Universal Host Controller
Even though the NIC wasnt hooked up to another computer when I was installing the USB ports could my problem be in these IRQ settings??
If this is the problem could I disable COM 2 and use its IRQ for the USB Host Controller and keep the original I/O range already assigned to the Host Controller??
I am pretty certain that COM 2 is free as I have no serial devices connected to the computer at all.
When I uninstalled the USB ports all of my problems disappeared but I would really like to be able to use the USB ports as there are new devices I want to use with my computer and I have not got a lot in the way of resources left to play with on my current system.
If anybody knows of any good net site about USB that info would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much.