View Full Version : Loss of Primary and Secondary Slave IDE channels

28-12-2001, 09:39 PM
I have a Pentium II, Celeron 266 HP Pavilion computer.

I have one hard drive on the Primary Master IDE channel and a CD-ROM on the Secondary Master channel.

I use to have a second hard drive on the Primary Slave IDE channel but one day I removed this second hard drive and when I reconnected it the computer refused to auto-detect it.

Since then neither the Primary or Secondary Slave IDE channel work ? I can only put one device on each cable.

I have tried different hard drives, moving the CD-ROM, using auto-detect and manual settings but nothing has worked.

I have checked the BIOS and there does not appear to be any settings for enabling or disabling the IDE channels.

I now want to add and second hard drive and hope to add a CD-Writer in the near further so I need to sort this problem out.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

28-12-2001, 10:18 PM
If you have two hard drives, or a hard drive and a CD drive, on the same cable one has to be configured as the master and the other as the slave. Have you done this.