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28-12-2001, 08:09 PM
Does anyone know of a Linux specific online forum in NZ or is there anyone interested in starting one? Seems Linux is getting a lot of interest in the last 12 months and a site with suitable links and a wee forum for newbies may be of some help to people (me in particular) Is there anyone interested? I have some web space I'm not using if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post or email me at bill.cheryll.cox@xtra.co.nz


28-12-2001, 09:54 PM
They should divid up

a Windose F1
and Linux F1
maybe other F1's

and maybe F7 for spelling.

29-12-2001, 03:38 PM
I think that the LUGs have tried this, but the work involved and the people too few to keep it up.

The Linux Gazette -- free online magazine -- has a very good 'Answer Gang' section and very good articles. You can find it locally: http://dunedin.lug.net.nz/docs/ldp/ .

New Zealand is still a 'small town' by world standards.

03-01-2002, 03:45 PM
I have just noticed that the Auckland group seems to be reasonably active.

Try: www.linux.net.nz/lists/NZLUG/
for their mailing list archive. They've got postings there already for 2001/Jan.

Waikato have a less busy one:

But we still have the problem of small population.

11-01-2002, 02:07 PM