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effie c
30-10-2015, 10:38 AM
Hi all,

After all the hype of W 10 , especially mine, upgraded onto a 6 year old machine from W7, is it possible to clone my present very successful O S W 10 -- and install it on a new machine without having to buy the O S again?

This discussion between me and a mate, as to whether he should clone W 8.1 before installing W 10 made me realize that one day, I am going to be forced to make that decision, not to revert to W 7 ( for which I already have a key etc) but to buy the very latest computer, and install my upgrade onto it?

Effie c

30-10-2015, 10:53 AM
While you possibly could clone W10 to another HDD, and it may boot and install Drivers, BUT it WONT ACTIVATE. The original License key is taken over by W10 and is then tied to the motherboard on that PC.

What you would have to do is get hold of a new Key and change it.

30-10-2015, 11:05 AM
Yes, and no.
You can clone anything, but Win10 is locked to the PC is was first installed/registered on. It will probably come up
as unregistered after being cloned to the new PC and time out after a few weeks, or something like that

Win10 UPGRADE license cant be moved/transfered to another PC
If its a new machine, either get a new machine with Win10, or upgrade that new PC to 10 before the free u/g offer ends next year

But this does raise a good question, with Win XP, Win7 etc , you could clone to another PC , then change the install key (to a new/valid key) to enable it to be re-activated.
Would that be possible with Win10 retail/oem?

30-10-2015, 11:48 AM
If it's the retail version that was upgraded then windows 10 should inherit the same right to be moved to a new machine I believe, provided it's removed from the old one. You are not allowed to install your windows 7 onto a new machine if it's an OEM version either, the key is still tied to the original hardware the same as windows 10 is. Not sure how you'd actually achieve the transfer though.

So basically retail can be transferred, OEM cannot. With the oddball exception that the terms and conditions for windows 8 OEM (not 8.1) did allow for it to be sold without hardware and transferred to a new machine. MS seemed to be easing up on the restrictions briefly but then reverted back to the old rules from 8.1 onwards. Maybe it was an accident and they printed the retail rules on the OEM packaging :)

1101, I think it'll work. I installed windows 10 with no key and used it for a week before receiving my retail copy and using the key to activate so that's the same as it always was and I've swapped windows 8.1 hard drives between machines and swapped the keys to re-activate very easily so it still worked on 8.1
Hopefully 10 is the same.

TLDR: Depends what version of windows you have, OEM or retail

effie c
30-10-2015, 12:42 PM

I was going to drop out gracefully accepting comments made above ( for which I thank you all )

In fact I have a full student version ( from my grandson ) Of Windows 7 Professional complete with install key etc-- so on that basis I could buy say next June and install my W 7 Pro on a new machine and upgrade from there-- or is that a fatuous idea?

At the moment it is academic as I won't even try to replace what is a highly successful upgrade.

If I did apparently June next year is the goal

Effie c