View Full Version : IE5 display half web page

04-05-1999, 10:38 AM
I have upgraded my browser to Internet Explore 5. After upgraded, I encounter a frustrate problem: When loading web page, IE5 stop at half way------only show a part of the page and tell me it's done. It can load some web site correctly, but many sites ( include Microsoft's home page, hotmail.com, cnn.com, clear.net,ect.) can not be loaded completely. Press the Refresh button one or more times sometime can complete the page, sometime with no improve. I've try to clear the cache, history, uninstall and reinstall IE5. The problem remains. I think it's not my connection, ISP, or web site's problem. Because I can view every site correctly by used Netscape communicator 4.51. Before upgraded, IE4 has no such problem. After upgraded, even uninstall IE5, IE4 has the same problem. Please Help.
My computer is celeron 333 with 64 M RAM, 8M AGP video on board, Windows98, installed both IE5 and Netscape Communicator4.51, set IE5 as default browser.
Chester Wan