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24-08-2015, 04:56 PM
In my home I have two computers and one printer. One PC is a desktop running Windows XP, hardwired to a Huawei wireless modem. The second PC is a Laptop running Win 8.1, that is connected to the net via the wireless modem. This is in a separate room from the desktop. Alongside the Laptop is a Canon MG6150 wireless printer.
Both PCs "talk" to the printer but when I print from the desktop to the printer the printer does whatever I tell it to do, that is, double side, portrait or landscape, etc. However, when I print from the laptop the printer will not double side or print landscape if I want it to etc. It just seems to print with its own settings and that is all. Even when it prints the font does not appear normal but rather has a distorted look to it.
A work around is to email myself what I want to print, open the email on my desktop then print from there.
Does this sound like I have my in-house network set up wrong?
It is interesting to note that if I shut down my desktop then try to print from the laptop, it comes up with an error as if it needs the desktop to be running.
Any help appreciated.

24-08-2015, 05:19 PM
I would remove the printer from the notebook altogether, then download the latest driver package from Canon and reinstall it. As it's already on the wireless setup will be very simple. I'd be surprised if that didn't fix the issue.

24-08-2015, 06:04 PM
Instead of emailing yourself, would just have accessed it through the network, even though this isnt the issue.

How does the desktop talk to the printer?

I assume the desktop goes through the router and maybe the laptop just goes directly to the printer?

Other than that, can only speculate whats actually happening.

Drivers on the laptop could be an issue, so maybe do as stated above first.



24-08-2015, 06:25 PM
It sounds like you originally installed the printer on the desktop and then shared it from there.
Then you've installed it on the laptop via the shared printer from the desktop, that is the only way that would explain the issue you have not being able to print from the laptop when the desktop is turned off.
As wratterus suggested remove the printer from the laptop completely then download the latest driver package and install from that, that should then pick up the printer as a standalone network device rather than via the desktop.