View Full Version : Is this a good gaming pc build ?

17-08-2015, 05:52 PM
MB:asus m5a97 amd am3+ 970/sb950 ddr3
gpu:geforce gtx 960 acx 2.0+
cpu:amd fx-6300 6core 3500mhz
os:windows 8.1

I am open to recommendations :}

17-08-2015, 06:26 PM
What sort PSU? Brand matters.
Antec for instance.

Gaming machines- well what games? FPS stuff tends to need more high end hardware - like the GPU for instance.
Of course budget is a consideration, it can be over $1000 just for a decent GPU....never mind the rest.

Toms Hardware website has Hierarchy charts for both gaming CPUs and the GPU, go as high as you can afford.

17-08-2015, 06:47 PM
Pretty good yeah, massively better than basically the same rig with a 740 in your other thread. About as good as you'll get it without starting over completely. Should play pretty much anything ok at decent settings but you won't be able to max out settings on all games.
The PSU brand and specs are important as pctek mentioned, not just the wattage rating.

Are you upgrading the machine you already had or trading it on a better one?

Recommendations? If you can go intel and get an i5 that'd be better, AMD CPUs are a better bargain but they just can't match the performance of intels Quad core chips. The fx-6300 is a fairly good budget option and should be good enough for playable framerates so if you want to stick with it that's ok.

Here's the charts Pctek referred to, I use them myself often.

You'll note the CPU you list is tier 3 which Is ok but below all of intels current i3, i5, i7 CPUs (don't get an i3, games are moving to quad cores more and more).
On the GPU chart find the 750Ti and imagine a line below it, that's where actual PC gaming starts IMHO and you shouldn't look any lower - then find how far down the list the 740 is.

Toms recommend when upgrading to try and move 3 tiers for a respectable performance boost, the gaming difference between each tier is actually fairly small and often not enough for example to crank the graphics settings up a notch or make an unplayable game smooth.