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07-08-2015, 11:37 AM
Hi I'm new here mainly due to this issue and my desperation at what to do about it...
A short time ago my Apple iMac died after 7 years, booting issues, so I started using the HP laptop. However all my backups were in HFS on a powered external Seagate drive, including many photos we had stored there. Recently I finally got around to extracting the data from that drive to another usb Seagate (using the HFS Explorer extract data option), then formatted the original drive for pc creating one NTFS Partition. By this stage I was felling pretty chuffed with myself, it was going great, I moved the files back to the original drive and I did a backup using windows back up at the same time. (just what was on the laptop computer obviously).

Problem... I just now tried to open a couple of files I'd transferred and low and behold no files are opening. Ok so something has gone wrong and many files are potentially lost, but there are some photos of the kids we'd love to recover but just don't know how. It appears some of them almost came across but many/most did not. Other thing is I am certain I've deleted the copies off the other piggy back drive now so cant look there. There is a message popping up... "Photo Gallery cannot open this photo or video because it may have been deleted or is in a location that's not available"

The weird thing is why if the files are missing can I see them all as listed files in windows?

Any advice or knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

08-08-2015, 12:43 AM
Do you still have the iMac?
Might be possible to get your data from that rather than trying to recover from the drive that has been formatted and data written to it.