View Full Version : Fatal Exceptions

26-12-2001, 11:29 AM
Have an HP Pavilion 6618.
Constant probs, has had two new hard drives under warranty.
Still jamming up and performing fatal exceptions, what are the following???
Had a fatal exception at 0167-BFF9DFFF, cont/alt/del to try again. Ended up having to shut down, frozen.
an exception occurred OE @ 0028-C0031C6C in VXD called from 0028-00030159 VXD.
Cont/alt/del ??????????

26-12-2001, 05:15 PM
We have a HP pavilion 8522, using for about 18 months. The only time I have problems is when my uni. student children and come home use 'WinMX', 'Napster', 'ICQ' etc. Then I seem to get message exactly the same as you e.g. 0167-BFF9DFFF and 0028:..... error messages (not when the above programmes are being run, just intermittent). The computer restarts and runs no problem i.e. until the next blue screen. But when the offspring leave home so also do the error messages. (I was getting so frustrated that kept a record in a notebook and there was a definate 'holiday' pattern). Sorry I can't help at all what these message are. The only other time I had problems was when our Kodak digital camera was connected via USB to the computer, got a card reader had no more problems.
I hope someone else can help, as it can be so frustrating.