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17-07-2015, 04:45 PM
I've got a couple excess PC's I should part with while they still have some Value but I have this feeling they may not really be worth much so I'm After some opinions as to the Value or whether you think I'd be better of selling as parts

System 1:
AMD A10-5800K
Asus FM2 motherboard (don't currently have model number handy but it's a cheaper one)
4GB Single RAM stick
1TB Seagate SSHD Hybrid Drive
FSP-Raider 750W Power supply (overkill, bought for litecoin mining but not used for long)
Cooler Master case with side window (Note I cut out the perspex Vanes and replaced them with a fan grill to get rid of the horrendous wind noise and it's not the tidiest of mods)
Windows 8.1, clean install fully updated. OEM version with Disk and key
Blu-ray reader

I was thinking somewhere in the $500 ~ $700 range, already stole a 256GB MX100 SSD out of it but could put it back. Pretty good at 1080P gaming.

System 2:
(this one is a bit of a frankenstein but it runs well, was a gaming machine once upon a time but can't handle the latest titles these days)
Asus Socket AM2 motherboard
Phenom 2 X3 720 3 core CPU with Hyper 212 EVO cooler (not really needed but I had it and the stock cooler has long dissappeared)
Graphics can be Either a new GTX620 low profile card or a 2nd hand Sapphire HD4850
1TB SATA hdd (think it's a Samsung)
brand new 400W Zalman OEM PSU
IDE DVD writer
The case is an old Grey Tower that predates front USB but it's been modded to have a 12CM FAN front and back and had 2 front USB ports added to the side and a card reader in the 3.5" bay. Quiet and well ventilated but it looks like a dinosaur

Maybe $200 ?? mostly to recover the cost of the PSU and graphics card I bought to resurrect it (graphics card it turns out was not necessary)
Not confident this will sell.

The OS is a bit of a story and I was not planning to charge anything for it because of that but it's got a fully legit and activated clean install of windows 7 home premium and I can provide the key but the previous owners have lost the official Sticker and disk so I have no physical proof it's legit (hence not charging for it). Qualifies for a windows 10 upgrade.

I gave this one to some friends a couple years back and I know it had the windows disk then, it since died on them and was given back. I replaced the faulty PSU and hdd and it works fine but it's fairly old so who knows how long it'll last.

So any thoughts on price or suggestions (or offers if you want to come to Hamilton :)), I've been struggling to decide what to do with these but have 3 other machines so these are surplus.

17-07-2015, 05:40 PM
I think you're on the money with those prices, as long as both PCs have a windows 7 or newer COA. If you're serious about selling the cheaper one, I'd buy a new case, you can get something decent for around $60 these days.

18-07-2015, 01:34 AM
My suggestion
put the 256GB ssd and the 1TB hdd in the first pc and sell it for $700
put the sshd and the hd4850 in the 2nd pc and sell it for $400, paint the case.

18-07-2015, 04:07 PM
My suggestion
put the 256GB ssd and the 1TB hdd in the first pc and sell it for $700
put the sshd and the hd4850 in the 2nd pc and sell it for $400, paint the case.

Well thanks for your input but to me painting an old case just makes it an old case that's a different colour... It won't look any more modern.
The hard drive suggestions make some sense, but I'd never charge $400 for the 2nd machine. I just don't see it as being worth that much.
I took the SSD out as it's basically had no use and I thought I might regret selling it, might put it back in though, haven't decided.

Incidentally the first machine has an Asus F2A85-M motherboard with USB 3.0 and the case has one front USB 3.0 port

18-07-2015, 04:36 PM

18-07-2015, 05:02 PM
that's a nice enough case.
its all in the eye of the beholder

$300 then, $400 still seems fair.

on the subject of usb3.0