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24-12-2001, 01:53 PM
I have a laptop and two printers.
The after printing happily I am now told after a print failure and a printer test that the two are no longer communicating.
Swap printers. Same message.
Re-install windows (and drivers).OK again for a couple of successful prints. Then a failure and sae essage. Swap printers.Same story. A couple of successes then failure.Each failure produces an additional file in the printer queue.
I ask the printer to run a communications test It starts but never finishes. It goes on testing endlessly.
I'vd paid $500 top an expert' to get it fixed. Still not fixed.
Please.Any ideas?
A suggestion as to whom really may be able to fix it?

Laurie Baxter

24-12-2001, 02:36 PM
Was the printer cable bought as an 'IEEE 1284' cable? This is a higher quality cable than the 'standard Centronics printer cable

It could be that the laptop uses lower (non-standard) voltages in the printer interface, and an inferior quality cable is enough to make the communication intermittent.

I hope the expert gave an itemised invoice. What did he do?

What make & model printers? Laptop?

24-12-2001, 02:38 PM
What OS are you using? What printer(s) are you using? How is the printer connected to the laptop (Parallel or USB)? Are you using the same cable all the time? Have you tried another cable? Has anything been changed recently? If you're using USB, are you connecting directly or through an external hub? (If external, try directly). If you're using a parallel connection, are you using any sort of switch box between the laptop and the printer? (If so, try bypassing it).