View Full Version : MSIE #5.5, Gray box were java applet should work.

23-12-2001, 10:16 AM
Now here is a strange problem (along with all the other problems I have) I have on my personal web site a picture of my Email address, under it is a rippling water effect from a java applet I got from a web site www.echoecho.com (it is the only part of my web site I did not hand write). When I upgraded from IE #5 to IE #5.5 the java applet did not work, so last night, I went to 'ask maxwell' http://search.support.microsoft.com/kb/c.asp and http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=http://www.microsoft.com/java/vm/dl_vm40.htm then went on to down-load a file 'msjavx86.exe' 5.4 meg of it, and after installing that, the gray box still stayed., so turning the computer off and on was no help. Then I said ' :-( .....<and more>.... :-( ', then went to bed.
This morning I was in the process in writing a short story for 'F1' and thought I would get a URL from the echoecho web site http://www.echoecho.com/freejamenus.htm so I could give it to you so you could test drive your browser (if you like) and see if you get a picture or a gray box, While I was at echoecho all the pictures came up, I went back to a copy of my web site on the hard drive and now everything works OK for the first time since going from IE #5 to #5.5. maybe echoecho fixed it? , stand-by for the other #5.5 problem, but don't hold your breath.

23-12-2001, 11:05 AM
OK fokes, it is not strange, sometimes it works, mostly it does not, any help to avoid saying ':-(' I would be very grateful.

Now the other problem, I can download *.PDF files all right, but when I need *.EXE files off Internet, I have to use Opera 6.
MSIE gives a message 'the plugin did not initialize properly' I had a look last night while down-loading that other file, but had no luck, I will go back to Microsoft web site and if I have no luck start a new message thread.

From Eric.
Have happy Christmas and a merry new year.