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31-03-2015, 09:50 AM
I have an old Samsung GT-I5500.
Sim card no longer active.
Currently only used for radio & solitaire.
Should it be able to logon to my wifi.
It finds it ok & prompts for password.
I put that in, it ithenticates, then disconects.

I have another identical active mobile which has no trouble conecting to wifi.

31-03-2015, 10:56 AM
It should work. As an experiment I removed the SIM from my phone and used Wi-Fi to do some web surfing and check my E-mail. No problems.
I don't have that model phone though. Sure you are not mis typing the password? easy to do on a small touchscreen keyboard. I usually have to turn on the show password option to get it right.

31-03-2015, 12:23 PM
Yes, could be with my fat fumbling old fingers.
Thanks for trying that.
I'll do the same with mine & see what happens.

31-03-2015, 12:40 PM
Yep all go now.
The old O & 0 problem.

31-03-2015, 08:14 PM

01-04-2015, 10:41 AM
Yeah, oh & zero