View Full Version : Windows green progress bar of death, causing issues

24-02-2015, 02:29 PM
That infamous green progress bar slowdown. Its causing some intermittent issues with docking dictation devices & impatient users

Background: I know theres some sort of bug in Win, with that green progress bar. Its rather intermittent , but Ive seen this happen on many vista, Win7, PC's
Try to 'open' say a CD or USB & rather than show all the files/folders you get that progress bar slowly moving along, slowly. This doesnt happen every time .
If (say) a CD has many subfolders, that makes things worse . I've even once seen the progress bar of death on a formatted/blank USB stick, so it cant be indexing.

Ive also seen this happen opening control panel on a few PC's . You can do nothing untill that progress bar has finished. Im not sure whats going on.
Ive tried removing Av (for testing), disabling the indexing service, setting changed "Optimize this folder for" to General etc . I havnt found any working fix
from googling the issue

Has anyone got a definite fix for this ?

Heres a screen cap with progress bar at 90% & slowly creeping along

Alex B
24-02-2015, 03:51 PM
Have you tried disabling autorun?