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21-12-2001, 03:31 PM
Hi again! I've installed my CD-RW underneath the CD-ROM(master) with the CD-RW set as slave and plugged into the spare connection on the CD-ROM cable. Everything works really well, EXCEPT that the CD-ROM's green light will now not turn off after putting in a disk. It used to only come on when being used, but now it goes all the time.

Have I connected something wrongly, or need to change a setting somewhere? Running Win98.

Thank you!!

21-12-2001, 04:07 PM
Could be due to the cabling. I have occasionally come across drives (HDD & CD) that will not work correctly if it is at the wrong position on the cable.

If a drive is set as Master, it should be on the end of the IDE cable, while Slave devices should be connected to the middle connector. Most modern drives are not bothered by this and ignore their position and work according to jumper settings, however once in a while you'll come across one that just won't work unless it's on the right place on the cable.

One other hint: If you have only a HDD, CDROM and CDRW, connect the HDD and CDROM on the Primary IDE channel as Master and Slave respectively, then set the CDRW as Master on the second IDE channel.

This will ensure the best performance/reliability when writing to CD from either HDD or CDROM - IDE channels find it difficult to read/write to the same time.

Hope this helps.

21-12-2001, 04:35 PM
Thanks for replying Jon, I'll have to pop the lid (again) and have a look I think. Can you give me some more hints as to how to tell which cable is which? There are two wide ribbon-like cables in there, and I just plugged the CD-ROM into the spare plug on the same cable as the writer. I can't remember exactly if the HDD is also on it or not. The only 'under the lid' business I've ever done on a PC is install ram and this writer, so it all looks a bit mystifying to me!


21-12-2001, 04:45 PM
Hello Susan,

I'm not sure what the answer to your problem is, I dont think there would be a cabling error as the CD Rom will normally just not work if that is the case. although the symptom does otherwise point to that kind of error.
I have to take issue with John regarding the setup of drives, with a normal PC set up (Primary master, slave, Secondary Master, slave)you have to make a compromise as any setup you come up with has certain drawbacks, however putting any CDRom on the primary channel is about the worst thing you can do, as it will slow the speed of your hard drive to that of the CDRom, the most accepted way of running a normal setup with a CDRW is as follows >
Primary master HD1 primary Slave HD2 (if present) Secondary Master CDRW and Secondary Slave CD Rom.
The general idea being the devices using or needing the most resources are given higher priority in the order of things.

Hope this helps.


21-12-2001, 05:02 PM
Hello Alan,

Thank you for replying. I can see the sense in what you are saying, but putting it all into practice is another story!

Like I said before, I'm not 100% sure which cable belongs to which so I'll have to pop the lid again to look. I do know that there are two wide ribbons in there, so if the CD-ROM *is* attached to the HDD cable, should I be looking to change it to the other one? I didn't look to see what was hooked up to that one. I just presumed that I should add the writer on to the same one as the CD-ROM.

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