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26-12-2014, 06:43 PM
Ok, got a bootable USB Flash drive that has some rescue programmes on it but the problem is the computer BIOS has no facility to boot from a USB device.

Not uncommon looking through Google and a number of approaches suggested, so I thought Id check out opinions with the experts here.


26-12-2014, 07:20 PM
Not all USB drives will boot from all Computers. Got a couple here, they boot fine from some computers, yet on another computer they wont. Sometimes if theres a BIOS update for the computer the ability to detect USB drives (bootable) will appear. Also Not all USB drives are able to boot.

Check in the BIOS when you first start the Computer, look in the HDD bootable options. I have an old HP here, USB doesn't show in the main Screen but dive a bit deeper and its there under drives ( weird)

Are you 100% positive the USB drive will boot on other computers ? Failing that you may have to make a bootable CD instead ( as long as you have an optical drive.)

26-12-2014, 07:48 PM
Some BIOS don't like booting to USB3 sticks.

26-12-2014, 08:01 PM
You raise some interesting points Wainui.

Fortunately this isnt a life or death situation and I do have a CD/DVD drive to fall back on.

However, the owners of this machine have purchased a new ASUS Laptop without a CD/DVD drive! The salesman told them that CD/DVD drives were redundant and if you needed one you could buy a USB one as an extra. Well I sure hope the BIOS can boot from a large selection of USB devices because there is no other way if the HDD has a hissy fit.

26-12-2014, 08:12 PM
Being a new Machine then the BIOS should be Ok. Sounds more like its a USB drive incompatible.

Some machines dont have Optical drives and can be a PITA to fix, CD is so much easier. Now thats going to cause a few negative comments, here :p BUT seen it where infections disable the USB ports, so the HDD has to be removed and put into a machine with a Optical Drive.

Heres another thing that happens a LOT. People buy software - comes on CD or DVD -- Cant install it. Some of it isn't downloadable so you need a optical Drive to install or copy to a USB drive ;)