View Full Version : printing addresses on envelopes

19-12-2001, 06:22 AM
I use word 2000 and Outlook.
When I go to print addresses on envelopes I have not found a way to get the the name to come up as Mr & Mrs --------
when using the address book.
Names are filed as Surname,----

19-12-2001, 06:43 AM
Maybe not exactly what you want......what we did using Word was to create a doc file for each address which we could customise to suit, eg, Mr and Mrs, maybe a border, bold or part of, or a larger font for the name and / or country, etc and then saved each after testing as a separate file which we just open and print onto the Envelope. Same applies to the senders details for the rear of the envelope.

19-12-2001, 09:45 PM
In the address book contact page 'First name' box, enter the initial and the surname (e.g. J Citizen). In the last name box enter 'Mr & Mrs'. The Display box should show J Citizen Mr & Mrs.
The address book entry will now show Mr & Mrs, J Citizen.
Note: there will be a comma after the Mrs in the address book but that's no real problem.