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01-05-1999, 04:14 PM

Is there a way to disable internet access through policy editor or anoter program? I can lock down anything but internt access. I do not want to regulate what programs are used. If I did I would just like to specify the ones I don't want access like Netscape, emial etc...

The reource kit told me the following:

You can prevent users from remotely accessing computers even if a remote connection has been previously established. You can restrict access by making direct changes to a computer?s dial-up support capabilities or by using System Policy Editor to create a policy file.

To disable the dial-up server on a single computer

1. From the Connections menu in the Dial-Up Networking window, click Dial-Up Server.
2. In the Dial-Up Server dialog box, click the option named No Caller Access.

You can disable dial-up support on each computer or on a system-wide basis by using System Policy Editor to change a single computer?s Registry or to define policies that can be shared by multiple computers.
To disable dial-up support by using System Policy Editor, enable the option named Disable Dial-in. The Dial-Up Server menu option still appears on the Connections menu after dial-up support has been disabled, but no dialog box for setting up the dial-up server will appear. For more information, see User Profiles and System Policies.

However I can not find the selection for no caller access.

Thanks in adv for the help