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17-12-2001, 08:59 PM
I can't get my cd rom to function....I keep getting the response....d is not accessible.....I don't know anything about computers .....but I do know its annoying when you don't have a lot of extra money and the repair shops charge the earth.....Can someone PLEASE help me.Its been fine up till now.

17-12-2001, 10:59 PM
Without being rude, is there a CD in the drive?
If there is a CD in there, it is not a blank CD is it? Try a different CD or a audio CD and see if that reads.
Another thing, some CD's seem to spin up faster than others, if you close the door and start trying instantly to access the CD the CDRom might not have had time to read the contents.
If the above is not valid try My Computer (yours, not mine)right click, click properties,then click device manager and see if there is any yellow ? or ! against any of your hardware. If there is it could be a conflict or non working device, if so, post back and maybe someone else can help you out.

17-12-2001, 11:29 PM
hey man i have the same problem as yours^_^

none of those stuff u said G.
i have no conflict NO '!' markings and so on
and still it says
D is unaccessible
im sure there is sum kind of problems in its spinning

18-12-2001, 01:20 AM
Pick up a cleaning CD (~$25 at Disk Smith) and run it a couple of times.

The Philips one is the best I've seen. Avoid the cheap ones they make it worse.

19-12-2001, 01:03 AM

Try opening up the case, unplugging all the cables connecting to the CDROM Drive (at both ends if possible) and reattaching them, possibly something is loose...