View Full Version : Is there a problem with Zenbu...

21-08-2014, 06:55 PM
...or is it me? (Android 4.1 tablet)

Mrs Micro and I have just come back from a 12-day tour of the North Island staying at 'older' motels ($85 - $124). I had a couple of excellent Zenbu connections but most of them bombed

What puzzles me is that I always got connection/IP address within about 5 seconds. The trouble started after that. I didn't get a login screen although it seemed to be trying

What made me suspicious is that one motel gave me 2 x 200MB codes which is quite a lot. (All of the motels had free wifi.) I figured that the owner who gave me 400 MB had such poor wifi that he was getting nowhere near his limit and could afford distributing largesse to all and sundry. Sure enough, it timed out during the login