View Full Version : I can scarcely believe my luck

Blue Druid
21-08-2014, 11:58 AM
I just received a phone call from a man who told me he was John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand no less. I had no idea he had an Indian accent (he sounds so Kiwi on TV) but when he told me that I had been randomly selected to receive $6000 from the "Government Grants Department," I was, of course, over the moon! After all, who could doubt the Prime Minister, especially when he is giving me money! I did think his phone number was a little strange (006442807225), especially when I tried to call him back to thank him but got the 'no such number' signal. However, sadly he hung up when I commented, in a friendly way of course, that he didn't sound a bit like the John Key we know and love. Maybe someone else will now be the beneficiary of the largess that was rightfully intended for me?

If anyone else gets such a kindly offer from the phone number I have shown, please try to be more gracious than me and not comment about the PM's personal afflictions (he may have had a cold) and you may become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!

21-08-2014, 01:01 PM
Hearing his voice had changed, and his phone number was a bit afflicted, you should have been able to deduce that he had a virus, then kindly offered to exorcise the virus for him with an ancient Nigerian Cure that involves Nortons JuJu VIII (Specially Imported) and American Express.
Perhaps he will call back. ;)