View Full Version : Dual sim phone - 6 inch screens

14-08-2014, 08:32 PM
Hi, looking for a dual sim phone. I note that some 6" have a lower resolution is that ok? I mean some smaller 5" phones have a similar resolution as a laptop but the screen size is much smaller - does it matter much? What phone would you suggest anyway that I can have a browse at .... Cheers.

At times I have a personal SIM and a work SIM or when I travel I have my NZ SIM and my overseas SIM.

14-08-2014, 08:55 PM
These seem to be your only two options: http://www.becextech.co.nz/mobile-phones-asus-handset-asus-zenfone-a600cg-16gb-smartphone-cherry-red-priority-delivery-free-accessory-p-4759.html#.U-xpXvmSx8E or http://www.becextech.co.nz/mobile-phones-sony-handset-sony-xperia-t2-ultra-d5322-dual-sim-smartphone-white-priority-delivery-free-accessory-p-4608.html#.U-xpYfmSx8E

If you go down to 5.7" you could get a Galaxy Note. There is a dual sim version but I don't know if they sell them in New Zealand.

As for the screen thing. 1080p on 5" is going to look better than 1080p on say 7" as you have greater pixel density. As the screen size gets larger you're probably going to want a greater resolution to compensate. It's purely visual most of the time (although you may see better performance in gpu heavy apps on a lower resolution screen). I'd have a look at some different phones with different resolutions in shops to get a feel as to what you find visually acceptable.