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05-08-2014, 06:19 PM
Show Me The Money John!...

A.C.C levies to be cut! Yahoo!

I know it's your money,but I know how to spend it better than you,just because your mortgage has gone up doesn't mean that you can have all of your money back,just be grateful I don't keep it all!

Rotten sods


05-08-2014, 07:26 PM
Arrogant twerps they are, free everything tomorrow!
Tra la la, Shonkey and his minions rule ok?
Planet Key Rocks?

05-08-2014, 07:30 PM
Planet Key On the Rocks? (Like his hat.)


05-08-2014, 07:50 PM
Cheers ears, here's to you with home-made beers!

06-08-2014, 10:28 AM

Please dont use that word on this forum :badpc:

But seriously, instead of ACC just sitting on all the Millions......
why dont ACC actually start paying out & doing the needed operations, quickly, rather than spend years screwing over those trying to make legit claims &
get legit operations via ACC .
Stop trying to say that injuries were pre-existing, stop hiring bogus doctors with the sole purpose of getting people off ACC .
Do you 1 & only job, look after the very people you were setup to look after. Stop trying to screw over those in no condition to fight back