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12-07-2014, 08:32 PM
Hi Guys
I am pretty rapt at the moment.

I am building a new PC with Widows 8.1 and an SSD drive.

But two of the best things I have bought imho are

A Coolermaster Cosmos SE ATX tower case

This has plenty of room inside, and it has two sturdy handles on the top, so that I can pick it up easily and put it on the floor or on my work bench.
I think it will be much safer picking it up with the handles rather than trying to grab the bottom of the case in the traditional manner.

A Logitech MK 220 Wireless combo.

I have always used Mciorsoft Multi media keyboards
But my desk is very busy as I have lots of books and paper folders and A4 sheets etc etc on my desk as well a my coffee cup holder, pens, sellotape, mobile phone etc etc.

So I often looked at my keyboard which is pretty big and thought - Gee I wish they made a smaller keyboard - maybe without the separate numeric keypad (I am not an accountant), or the separate up down left and right keys.

The other day I was in Warehouse Stationery buying some stationery and I happened to look at their range of keyboards and I saw the Logitech Combo.

It was in a very small box and has a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.
It was only $40 so I bought it.

And today I fired up my new PC with it.
It worked perfectly with only one USB wireless plug needed.

When I put it on my desk, I seem to have so much more room.
The box did not give the size of the keyboard (dur) but it is 38cm long by 12cm deep.
Versus 45 x 23 for my Multi media keyboard.

I have not used it much yet.
So when I have finished transferring all of my set up to my new PC and I have used it for a few days of serious work, I will let you know what its like.

It still has a numeric keypad but the Up and down arrows etc are not there. I hope I will get used to them on the new layout.

The last good thing I bought was a bottle of Heineken.

12-07-2014, 11:20 PM
What! only one bottle of Heineken?