View Full Version : L2TP on SBS 2003 with RRAS Suggestions

09-07-2014, 02:19 PM
SBS 2003 with Routing and Remote access running obviously using 2 NICs. There is one Server directly off the current modem (with port forwarding) but before the server. Everything else behind the server.

On the network is OWA (accessed by mobile phone for calendar/jobs) and one other server accessed mainly via VNC. Hence the need to go VPN.

This server will be replaced within the next 6 months but RRAS would not be used in the future.

I am replacing the modem with a Draytek 2860 for VPN (L2TP) access and secondary WAN options.

Since the SBS 2003 is out of support am after suggestions as to whether to dump RRAS and just have the server behind the DrayteK along with the other devices or keep RRAS and open L2TP ports to pass through.

I assume RRAS can pass through L2TP?