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05-07-2014, 01:48 PM

Not knowing that Windows 8.1 forces you to a sign in screen.
I forgot my password

I went to https://account.live.com/password/reset

After filling it up and in the next screen it says

We need to verify your identity

How would you like to get your security code?
Email ro*****@gmail.com
Text ******79
Call ******79

I clicked on either 3 but the next button doesn't come up?

Any ideas why?

05-07-2014, 02:04 PM
Not knowing that Windows 8.1 forces you to a sign in screen. Actually its not compulsory. When installing W8 - W8.1 you have the option to start with a local account, and you dont need a password - Its just not shown that clearly, they want you to sign in, but using the customize option you can do it without signing in. ( this can be changed to a local account at any time as well.

Anyways :) if you use the text option, you will get a blank box to enter in the code MS send to your phone Via text (as long as its been setup as a option originally) if you use the other methods the code is sent to that option, once the code is entered then the next should appear.

Had to sort this type of problem 3 times this week, sometimes the MS site appears to have been lagging, but did come back.

The biggest problems have been when using a gmail account to sign in :crying - if the people have hotmail / Outlook or live accounts - no problems.

The one with gmail, I had to run system restore, then it remembered the original password.

You can activate the hidden Administrator account to access the computer, but you cant change the user account to local.

Just a thought - what browser are you using ? if its not IE there may be problems.

05-07-2014, 02:12 PM
I'm using opera 12 at the moment. I will check again and come back