View Full Version : I5 4690 Turbo?

05-07-2014, 08:41 AM
I thought that the (K) series is the only way to overclock so how can you get an extra .4GHz from the i5 4690?

Intel Ci5-4690 CPU
- 3.5GHz / 3.9GHz Turbo
- 6MB Cache
- Quad-Core
- Integrated HD 4600 Graphics

05-07-2014, 07:08 PM
Turbo boost is not overclocking, the core series cpus are designed to adjust the clock speed up and down to suit the type of load. For a single threaded app running on one core the cpu can "turbo" that core to 3.9 but if you load up all 4 cores it will clock at 3.5 which is why it specifies the two frequencies. It can also use in between speeds for partially threaded loads using 1-4 cores and can end up anywhere in that range.

Also the non-k chips do allow a small amount of limited overclocking using the turbo boost feature