View Full Version : Cleanup! (v1.1.5) Clags up Win 95 and IE4

30-04-1999, 01:56 PM
A friend of mine recently downloaded Cleanup!. After installation, the system now thinks that the hard drive is almost full, (ie in the Properties Dialogue box for his hard drive, the used space and the free space are indicated to be what they are supposed to be - 1.2G and 2.8G respectively - but the Pi graph of Drive C displays an almost completely full disk).And while he can contact his ISP (and he thinks send email), when he clicks to go past his provider, the system goes into an infinite loop.
We have uninstalled the offending Cleanup!, but still the problem remains. Norton and Nuts and Bolts can find nothing wrong.
The computer runs perfectly for almost every other task, but will not reinstall IE4 because it thinks that there is not enough space.
Defragmenting the disk, optimising the disk, etc have made no difference.
Perhaps Cleanup has replaced one of the system files with a similarly named version, but how can you tell?