View Full Version : Can't access usual partition on Asus Ultrabook and boot up as normal

03-07-2014, 10:45 PM
I've managed to make a 'stuff-up' tonight with my relatively new Asus Ultrabook. I have selected the wrong option when booting (after a series of mishaps) and am heading down the road to a factory reset.

As I haven't backed up some of the newer files, I would prefer to back out and go back without completing the factory reset.

Any ideas how I might do this - pretty please? I would be verrrrry grateful!. :)

03-07-2014, 11:08 PM
As long as you haven't gotten to the last warning, there should be an option to stop / Disagree etc, this will stop any further recovery actions.

If you have already gone to the point of running the restore ( past final warning) there's nothing to do but carry on, as it will be running (it will be formatting/restoring the drive to what was selected), if you stop it you run the risk of getting stuck, cant go forward or backwards.

Refreshing the OS even though it says it keeps programs if that option is selected, usually it doesn't, it only keeps data ( W8 - 8.1)

03-07-2014, 11:27 PM
Yes, I think I have got to the point of reformatting (bother). I have Windows 7 Professional as my OS, by the way. Oh, well, now I know what I am doing on Saturday...

04-07-2014, 11:53 PM
Nearly done - no mishaps, just a few minor aggravations, but nearly finished. Not bad for a Friday night eh?