View Full Version : Playing Chess on the Computer

15-12-2001, 10:29 AM
I have always enjoyed playing chess on my computer. But recently on such an occasion I had the system monitor turned on, which showed processor usage to be 100% for almost the entire game. This obviously is due to the algorithm used by the computer to predict my moves and generate future moves. My worry is that running my computer for long periods of time on 100% processing power might somehow fry the CPU if the game lasts too long. IS my worry unfounded or is it usual for PCs to run at 100% processing power during other times (ex. graphics intensive games). Should I be concerned?

15-12-2001, 03:50 PM
I don't think that even Intel could get away with saying that their CPUs were '1000 MHz only if you run it at 50% of that'.

What percentage of your brain is engaged while you are playing chess? Does smoke come out of your ears at 100%?

Have you tried GNU chess? It used to be good in the old days.