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03-07-2014, 03:54 PM
My old 5580 Acer Aspire laptop fell onto the floor and initially it restarted OK but then went dead after an hour or so. I've found the problem - the battery went flat as it now isn't being charged (charger checked and working OK) so I think there must be some damage to the plug in the laptop (It also doesn't work with plug in and the battery removed).

I'm going to get another laptop but I need to get it started again to get some files off the laptop. As I know it works OK with a charged battery, my idea is to somehow feed the necessary voltage to the laptop connector/pins (photo attached) so I can restart it. Anyone have any idea what voltages should be on each of those those pins/terminals so I can get it working again?


Battery type; Panasonic:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-CGR-B-6H5-Genuine-Original-OEM-Laptop-Lithium-Ion-Battery-/331027473561

Photo showing battery connector on laptop:


Speedy Gonzales
03-07-2014, 03:56 PM
Remove the hdd and put the hdd in a working PC. Then copy what you want off it

03-07-2014, 04:01 PM
Yes, thanks that's a good idea but unfortunately I don't have another laptop/desktop only a small netbook that I'm using now - plus I wouldn't know where to start as I'm a noob with when it comes to computers!

Speedy Gonzales
03-07-2014, 04:21 PM
Do you have some kind of USB enclosure?? Thats all you need, plug it in the hdd should appear in windows

03-07-2014, 05:18 PM
Who ever sells you the new laptop WILL be able to sort this out for you (there may be a cost involved)
If they cant, buy your new laptop from someone else.

My advice, now that you see the issues with data, buy a USB hard drive for backups.

03-07-2014, 07:08 PM
Good news - I got it working. I partially removed the back and found the internal power plug had snapped off the cct board so I bypassed it by soldering a couple of wires to the board and soldered these onto the power pack plug and away she went.
I might by Acer again - this laptop must be 11-12 years old and refuses to die!

Thanks for all your replies.