View Full Version : Online site to Ck my PC for Viruses?

15-12-2001, 09:57 AM
Ive read of a site that can check my PC for viruses Online, but havent been able to find it, can anybody help?

Is there a download available that can clean up the Magistr virus?

Thanks in anticipation.

15-12-2001, 10:11 AM
There are many sites that will scan your computer for viruses, but I don't know any that will clean the virus for you, but I'm sure there will be some.

Download a virus checker and install it. A good free one is AVG Antivirus, available from www.grisoft.com

For information on the Magistr virus, look here. Has removal instructions too.



15-12-2001, 10:15 AM
Hi Peter. I hope these websites are of some help to you.

For a free online antivirus scan go here http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_corp.asp

For removal tools http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/tools.list.html

Hope this helps....

16-12-2001, 09:11 AM
go to www.symantec.com
from there you can do a full virus scan and also a security scan. They have virus removal tools and also news and updates on viruses and virus hoaxes