View Full Version : "This page cannot be displayed" message.

27-06-2014, 11:58 PM
How many other Vodafone cable internet users have noticed a growing number of instances of this message and how long has it been happening for you?
I live on the Kapiti coast and it has been happening here for about 3 or 4 months at least and seems to be getting worse.

29-06-2014, 11:40 AM
Its been fine here. May have had 1 or 2, but generally its the site causing problems.

What I have noticed, is there have been quite a few customers computers with those types of errors, each time its been due to corruption on the computer, not the actual connection / Vodafone.

Alex B
29-06-2014, 01:49 PM
DNS is not the best on the Cable network so I understand. Try change your DNS settings to and