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14-12-2001, 01:36 PM
+p133 64mb ram win98 4.10.998 soundcard-c-media CMI8738-4C
33.6k modem

I have just downloaded the latest version of yahoo messenger everything goes fine except wnen I choose to voice chat. I recive a blue screen {windows:a fatal exception 06 has ocurred at 0028:C189F1F8 in vxd cmaudio(05)+101f8 press any key to terminate the current applictation or press ctrl+alt+del to restart your computer}I also recive this message when using the yahoo messenger audio setup wizard. and when I try to voice chat using msn messenger and when I try to play files with the format Group TrueSpeech(TM) I can convert to or from this format but can not play it I beleve is the voice chat format. The yahoo audio setup file is also in this format I would be great if anyone can help me (THANKS!!)

15-12-2001, 10:42 AM
Hello John,
it sounds suspiciosily like there is a clash between the three programs, and your RAM and modem are a bit on the light side, for these programs to work properly.
check your sound card to see if the micorphone is muted, and the volume control is set to about half.Also check to see that the microphone is selected.
before using these programs, try restarting your computer, to reset your RAM, and turn off the chat programs that you won't be using.
good luck,

15-12-2001, 03:54 PM
Thanks bob still no luck I think the problam is softwere related e.g. not being able to play the format that the voice chat is transmitted in(SEE FIRST MESSAGE) do you know how I can get support for this format thanks

18-03-2002, 09:55 AM
hello, my problen is cmaudio(07) + 00002ed0 error : 0e : 0028 : ff0b6550