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13-12-2001, 10:48 PM
I've had a series of errors when I try to open different programmes the most common being a 'A device attached to the System is not functioning' message, followed by one saying 'the Mfc42.dll file (or another file) is linked to missing export USER32.Dll:EnableWindow.(with variations on the endings). A search of the symantec site and other help sites, has led us to believe that this problem is related to me, being silly, and not turning off Norton when installing the StartButtom programme from the Dec Imag CD. Why go into all this detail if I know the problem? In case there is someone out there who's done the same thing.

What I'm asking for is the address of the site or address of the creator of this programme so I can ask him what files I need to delete to uninstall it. These files aren't named in the readme or help files that accompanied Start Button, and the url he gave in those files doesn't go anywhere. Although I've e-mailed him, I would like a response so I can be sure that my e-mail is going to get through.

Thanks very much, I hope I have not taken up too much of your time.
Louise Waghorn.

14-12-2001, 06:36 AM
Problem solved! The creater of startbutton e-mailed me this morning (turns out I was panicking prematurely about the address) and all I have to do to uninstall is delete the Startbutton files.

So ignore me, everyone! I didn't have a problem after all.

14-12-2001, 10:51 PM
Yay - solved your own problem!

I installed and uninstalled this program - by deleting the files - and werent sure if I should have done it that way - you answered a question for me too, thanks.