View Full Version : Media player as cheap NAS (WD Live or whatever)

21-05-2014, 05:32 PM
Hi Guys
Im considering a NAS for home backups.
I have no critical data, so I dont need Raid etc . Its no biggie if everything is lost, just inconvenient
Just something to replace a old USB backup, that I almost never use at the mo.

Can I use a Media Player/Streamer like WD Live as NAS storage. Something with an Internal HD (I dont think WD Live has that ?)
That way I can also use it as a media player in the man cave. Seems like a good idea if
workable: I just want it be be available as a normal windows share or mapped drive on the main PC & I'll robocopy my stuff over via a batch file.

WD & Seagate have some very cheap NAS drives, that are getting good reviews performance wise.
Single drive only (same as a USB, I dont need RAID) & come with a 2T drive included (eg WD RED, I think)

or , if a WD Live will work as a NAS (I'll need a 1T HD as well of course)

Any opinions would be appreciated , Im also looking at cheap used NAS units on trademe.

21-05-2014, 05:52 PM
Hmmn, it looks like most of the Media Players/streamers dont support internal hard drives any more (why ??, they used to)

21-05-2014, 10:07 PM
I use a WD My Book Live (newer ones called My Cloud) as a NAS and media server. I have a sync service keeping it updated with my photos and vids so it is a backup as well. Stuff gets fed to the TV via WMC on a netbook.

These WD items are also DLNA servers.